AwakeningSoul: Sacred Revolution

November 19 to 12 at Lutherdige.

Diana Butler Bass and John Dominic Crossan invite us to be part of a Sacred Revolution – to see the stories of our heritage in a new way, revitalizing our relationship with God and our world while seeking an alternative for our violence addicted culture.

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About Awakening Soul:

AwakeningSoul is the partnership of Ann Holtz and Fran McKendree. Ann and Fran are supported by a superb team including special consultant Brian Prior, gifted presenters, facilitators, musicians and tech wizards. AwakeningSoul hosts events that offer a time of sanctuary, sustenance, and inspiration in a retreat setting. We are within the Christian household and welcome people wherever they are on their journey.

We believe that we, as people of faith, need be challenged in our thinking about God. This isn’t to say that what we have come to believe is wrong, but that without exploring deep questions of faith we risk getting stuck or worse, moving through our lives unconsciously. We need to stop periodically to examine our lives — asking ourselves ‘Why am I doing this? What is this in the service of? What do I believe and how are those beliefs being lived out in my life?’ We need a safe place, a place set apart from our everyday world, where we can do this work and be opened up to the presence of God.

Our intention is to create and host events where all who gather will be immersed in conversation about things that matter, where it is okay to question and not have the answers. Our hope is that our speakers, music, art, and our worship, all enfolded in a beautiful natural setting, will create a sacred container where important work of the soul can be done. We hope that in this coming together we will all be affirmed that we are not on this journey alone.

Luther Springs
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