When asked to sum up a week at Lutheridge as part of the pilot program, “Kairos,” one pastor said, “In these three days, we’ve seen God at work. We don’t know what will come of it, but it’s happening now…What an incredible adventure to be a part of.” It is interesting how this comment coincides with the meaning of the Greek word “kairos”- “God’s time” or “the moment that God acts.” And God sure was acting in the lives of fifty youth within the gates of Lutheridge diring the week of June 26-July 2, 2016 at  “Kairos,” a new program for middle and high school youth.

“Kairos” has been described as a “reformation of Campfirmation” or “Confirmation Camp of the future.” Campfirmation, which began in the 1970s, a time for pastors and their confirmands to come together with other congregations, forming “clusters,” and studying the Gospel of Luke or seasons of the church year with the added fun of a week of camp. Over the years, this program has become increasingly difficult to maintain, with pastors and new clusters not being formed as rapidly as they are dwindling because of the retirement of long-serving pastors.

“Kairos” was created to meet the need for a confirmation program that is new, fresh, does not require a pastor to come with campers, focuses on relationship-building, features a popular band, and ultimately provides a confirmation program to meet the needs of today’s youth, pastors, and congregations. “Kairos” is flexible to serve pastors serving a new congregation that is not in a cluster, campers who want to come back for Campfirmation again but do something different, and kids who have never been to camp but would love an opportunity to experience meaningful worship, great friends, and strengthen their faith.  Kairos is not only an opportunity to supplement confirmation curriculum, but it’s also an opportunity to solidify the future of the Church.

Pastor Tim Caniff-Kuhn indicated that the week of June 25-July 1, 2017, has been reserved for “Kairos” with a popular band to be featured again! He went on to say that space is being held for 80 youth in 2017. He can be reached at tck@lutheridge.com for those desiring more information. With a vision for diversity, great music, great friends, and a means to grow in faith, Kairos is a program with the potential to build leaders within youth groups, teach campers about the importance of diversity, and most importantly equip campers with the confidence to shine God’s light in a darkening world. Confirmands, pastors, and others are invited to Lutheridge for Kairos 2017; let’s witness God’s moment to act together!

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