Summershine Camp

We offer two one-week sessions of Christian Residential Camp in the beauty of the Blue Ridge mountains near Asheville, NC. Our focus is on building faith while having fun! Campers are challenged to make new friends and experience new adventures. Campers will be grouped in cabins by age as much as possible. ALL PROGRAMS are designed for campers who are independent in personal hygiene (no diapers), non-aggressive, and generally compliant. Living space is VERY communal and group participation is stressed, so campers needing lots of personal space or alone time would not enjoy this program.

Christmas Summershine (July 22-28) for Active Campers

This program serves ACTIVE youth and adults age 15+ years old (as of the camp week).

SummerShine Campers ENJOY being ACTIVE, playing running games and going on hikes in the woods! Because of the rough terrain and need to walk (lots) on trails, campers with mobility problems do not fit this program. Counselor to Camper ratio is one to four.

ACTIVITIES include: crafts, games, hikes, swimming, canoeing, creative Bible lessons, and worship! There are five “activity periods” and a rest time after lunch each day. CHRISTMAS in JULY festivities are a part of the Christmas SummerShine program. Campers enjoy Christmas Crafts, a visit from St. Nicholas, acting out the Christmas story, and Christmas worship at week’s end.

Thru March 15 3/16-4/15 4/16-5/15 After May 15
$519 $532 $546 $554

Hilltop Summershine (July 29-August 4) For Less Active Campers (FULL for 2018)

This program serves campers who are able to provide their own self-care, but who are less mobile. Because of the rough terrain and need to walk on trails, campers in wheel chairs do not fit this program. Counselor to Camper ratio is one to three.  ACTIVITIES include: crafts, games, creative Bible lessons and worship! Special events like “Show & Tell”, a Talent Show, Karaoke, and other fun activities that do not require lots of physical activity are planned for the whole group to enjoy. There are four “activity periods” each day, with a nice long rest time after lunch.

LODGING is on the Hill for this program – in Thornburg Hall, Bacot Center or Carla & H&H Cottages; all beds are lower bunks. These buildings are near the dining hall and meeting rooms. There may be three campers per room. Campers must be able to climb into a bathtub, shower independently, and to care for their own toileting needs. The counselor sleeps in a separate room nearby. Most activities will take place on the top of the hill, so mobility is necessary, but limited.

Thru March 15 3/16-4/15 4/16-5/15 After May 15
$519 $532 $546 $554

*Early Bird Discounts: The earlier you register, the more you save! Early Bird deadlines are the same for all programs: March 15, April 15, and May 15. Regular pricing applies after May 15.


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