Lutheridge Camp Summer Staff Applicants’ Information

Lutheridge Camp is a part of NovusWay Ministries providing camping programs and conference center facilities at four sites in North Carolina, Florida and Georgia. In partnership with the congregations of the North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida/Bahamas and Southeastern Synods of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Lutheridge Camp, provides programs and resources to nurture Christian faith. Both through an intentional Christ-centered community and offering a “place apart”, we are committed to affirm and experience relationship with all of God’s creation.

LOCATION. Lutheridge is located in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina, midway between Asheville and Hendersonville on US 25, 0.3 mile south of the intersection of US 25, US 25-A, and Airport Road. From I-26, take exit #40 and go 3 miles east to US 25. From I-40, take exit #50 and go 8 miles south to the front gate.

FACILITIES. Lutheridge is 160 acres on Crescent Mountain. There are 75 buildings from simple shelters to camper cabins to “motel-like” facilities. In addition, there are hiking trails, outdoor worship sites, recreation areas, a low ropes course, a 41’ climbing tower, a small lake, and a swimming pool. Camper facilities provide for a capacity of 325 children and youth each week. Combination camper and adult/family registrations will often reach over 400 during summer weeks. Last year Lutheridge celebrated its 67th year of summer programming, serving about 3000 campers. A full schedule of programs for youth, adults and families provides ministry opportunities year-round.

STAFF. NovusWay Ministries employs a full-time year-round staff of 20-25 people as well as various part-time employees for office, maintenance, kitchen, and housekeeping services. Lutheridge, during the summer season, the staff grows considerably when approximately 100 college and post-college age folk are employed as counselors, program and support staff. Members of the counseling staff must be at least 18 years old and out of high school for one year. Each week also brings the arrival of new program leaders and volunteers. Together it makes for an exciting, talented and vibrant community gathered to lead and enable the ministry of these places.

THE STAFF FAMILY. Being a part of the Lutheridge Camp staff is being a part of a dedicated team. Staff life is filled with opportunities for Christian ministry, fellowship, growth, sacrifice, and support. The experiences shared together as members of the Lutheridge staff serve as a model of life in the Body of Christ, in which understanding and respect for the thoughts and feelings of others are paramount. A family spirit and style of life characterized by acceptance, forgiveness, and love is the foundation upon which staff relationships are built. There are also personnel policies and boundaries upon which the community is guided. The strength and inspiration for this lifestyle are found in a common faith in Jesus Christ as Lord, the fellowship of genuine Christian community guided by The Force in the midst of The Creation.

THE COUNSELOR ROLE is chiefly fulfilled during the weeks when assigned to “camper duty.” Approximately three weeks out of four the counselor lives with a camper group with eight campers. These weeks may not be scheduled in consistent order and camper registrations may alter the ratio. As a counselor, one’s involvement in camp life is a twenty-four hour per day responsibility. Those applying for a counselor position must have a genuine love and appreciation of children and youth. The counselor is a facilitator, guide, and role model, enabling the group to have fun at camp while they experience Christian community and grow in their relationship with Jesus. Counseling involves leadership in planning, group discussion, devotions, large group worship experiences, recreation, and outdoor living. Campers are grouped according to grades: grades 1-2, grades 3-5, 6-8, and grades 9-12. Assignments will allow for experiences in different age groups.

SPECIALTY COUNSELING STAFF. Some counseling staff are selected to serve in special program areas, either for the entire summer or for specific weeks. These include Counselors for “Summershine” (special need), Outdoor Adventure counselors and Lifeguards. When not serving in special program areas, specialty staff are assigned to regular counseling or general duty. Specialty staff are required to arrive at camp early to receive additional training. Summershine Counselors should have some experience with special need populations (autistic/down’s syndrome, etc..) Outdoor Adventure Counselors need experience and skill in general outdoor adventure camping. (backpacking, fire-building, cooking, etc…). Lutheridge needs counselors who are certified lifeguards and give preference to qualified applicants if one is a lifeguard. Counselors who are lifeguards spend 1-3 weeks at the pool when not shepherding a cabin group.

LUTHEROAD. Lutheroad is an off-site day camp program, using different settings including church buildings, retirement centers, other camps and parks. The Lutheroad program brings the camp experience to the local community. These counselors will spend about 1 or 2 weeks “on the road”.

GENERAL DUTY. In weeks not in a camper cabin counselor is assigned to “General Duty” and helping with the operation of the summer program. Responsibilities include serving tables in the dining hall, grounds keeping, and light maintenance. Other responsibilities can include Kidzcamp (onsite daycare), craft helper and snack bar. General Duty staff live together in staff housing and remain a part of the community, while having a break from the responsibility of being in a camper cabin.

TIME OFF. Campers arrive on Sunday afternoon and leave on Saturday morning. Staff are off from mid-day on Saturday to mid-day on Sunday. During the week, counselors in camper cabins have limited down time. Staff personnel policies and boundaries remain in place during off time.

STAFF ORIENTATION. Staff orientation is important for building community and learning skills to empower staff for the summer program. This time also includes projects to get ready for the summer program. There is extra orientation for those serving as Senior Staff and Outdoor Adventure Staff. First year counselors arrive a day earlier than returning counselors to cover material more applicable to their experience. The basic staff orientation is 9 days. Staff are paid for orientation. Orientation is Orientation is valuable for many reasons and staff are expected to make attending a priority.

COMPENSATION. Counselors receive a salary of $215.00 each week which is direct deposited into your account. Senior Staff receive $265.00 each week. These amounts are in addition to room and meals provided throughout the entire week.

EMPLOYMENT TERM. Employment starts with orientation (see dates below) and goes until August 5.

May 15 – Outdoor Adventure Program Orientation
May 22 – Senior Staff Orientation
May 30 – New Staff Orientation
May 31 – Returning (all) Staff Orientation

VACATION. Staff are able to request a week of vacation during the summer. This should be done at the time of application. The program week begins on Sunday afternoon and ends on Saturday morning. Vacations are to be planned so that a person would miss one program week, being able to return in time to have a cabin group/Lutheroad assignment at the end of the week of vacation. One is not paid for vacation time. Vacation time will be spelled out on the contract and cannot change after that time, without permission of a program director.

STAFF HOUSING. Camper counselors live in a cabin, platform tent or building with their campers. “General duty” counselors and non-counselor staff are assigned other staff housing.

APPLICATIONS. Lutheridge Counselors must have completed one or more years of college or post high school experience and be at least 18 years old. New Staff Applicants must complete an application along with 3 reference forms. Returning staff need only complete the returning staff application form since their references are on file. Applicants are responsible for sending these forms to those persons requested to be references. Preference is given to those who have applied by February 28.

INTERVIEWS. All new applicants must have an interview. It is the responsibility of the applicant to schedule an interview. There are 4 weekends for in person interviews at Lutheridge. Skype and phone interviews are also an option.

SELECTION. Prayerful consideration will be given to all who apply. Many factors are weighed in the selection process, including spiritual maturity, experience with children and youth, community experience and the ability to be an effective role model. The mission is to assemble the community with the most gifts for the responsibilities. Unfortunately, not all applicants are selected. This decision does not judge the worth of the individual, but the situation of this time and place. All applicants will be kept informed of the process. Counselor decisions are made the middle of March.

A FINAL WORD . . . Thank you for your prayerful consideration in applying for a summer staff position at Lutheridge. We pray The Spirit guides each of us in the task of assembling the summer staff community.

Lori Bode, Lutheridge Program Director

Pastor Tim Canniff-Kuhn, Lutheridge Program Director

Lutheridge is part of a family of locations for Camps, Conferences and Retreat Rentals managed by NovusWay Ministries and supported by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
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